Email Policy

Our eMail policy is very simple: DO NOT SEND US SPAM!

We aggressively reject any email message which may be classified as unsolicited, and we have implemented the following rules which are rigidly enforced:

  • Any email originating from a known source of spam is rejected! We use several available blocking lists. If you have an email rejected because it is in one of these lists, do not complain to us. Get in touch with your ISP and have them correct the problems which put their service on the list in the first place. Or get another ISP and tell the first one why you are leaving!

  • We subscribe to the Sender Policy Framework initiative, and to the Microsoft "Email Caller ID" initiative, to block email with forged headers.

  • We require that the sender be verifiable. Before we accept any email, we contact DNS to verify that the server address if legitimate, then we contact the server itself to see if it will accept mail for the user. If either of these checks fails, we reject the email.

  • We do NOT forward email with attachments which might be malicious. This includes Microsoft Office documents! If you are sending us a document, save it as a text file, or in Rich Text format (.rtf) before attaching it, or it WILL be bounced. (This includes MS Word and MS Excel files, which may contain embedded script or macros which can act as malware.)

  • We reject any email which does not conform to the RFC822 standard. If your email client is improperly configured, it will be a miracle if your email actually gets to us anyway. If there is a problem, contact us and we will try to help you fix it.

  • All email is processed using SpamAssassin. If it scores over our base score for spam content, it will be rejected. Keep the language and subject matter under control, and there is no danger of failing this test. If you wish to bring web content to our attention, please do NOT send the web page as an atachment. Send us the reference, and we can look for ourselves. Mime attachments with external references are rejected as spam.

We have taken measures to prevent the harvesting of email addresses from this site. If you have javascript enabled in your browser, email links will behave normally. If, however, javascript is not enabled, links will not be active, and will appear in descriptive text. For instance, our spam trap would appear as spam at blackstar dot on dot ca rather than To email someone on this site, simply open your mail client and type in the To: address in proper form.

Any outgoing email from our site goes through the same checks as incoming mail!

We will be continuing to improve our detection and filtering of undesired email, and any suggestions for improvement are appreciated.

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