Rosie's 2010

img_7820.jpgIts been a couple weeks now since my first experience at Rosie's. Just enough time to digest it all (and edit a couple photos).

Roger and I headed up Thursday night for set up and were back bright and early Friday morning to watch the bikes come in.

With heavy traffic that left the 401 shut down we (the royal 'we' without radios) were wondering where everyone was. Once they arrived though, the party began.

This was the 23rd year at Rosie's, my first, Roger's 12th. I was drooling over the bikes, the custom paint jobs and even the camper that was selling fresh pizza! It was a weekend at summer camp, except there were a lot more bikes and a lot more topless ladies.

Our booth was an office. With a full set up of autoclaves, an ultrasonic cleaner, and a full set of supplies and jewelry we were ready to take on the world.

Day times were great times to explore the rest of vendor's row, including MotorSport Plus, and a collection of great tattoo artists. I took a walk around to check out some of the bikes and talk to some of the owners.

One thing I learned is that if you treat your bike with respect, it will respect you too. Same goes for piercings. If you treat your piercings well, they will return the favour.

Piercings you say?

Once the sun went down, the heat broke and the party really got going. There was a band playing almost all evening and since we were right by the stage lots of guests came by to say hello.

Throughout the weekend we pierced teenagers, and grandmothers. We did navels and eyebrows, genitals and even a microdermal. We offered free aftercare during the weekend and it was great to see everyone come back with stories of their friends'/family's/lover's reactions.

My favourite time would be Saturday night.. about 1am. Our good friend Dave (famous for his last year's 4 piercing bet) came back with yet another crowd. We were PACKED when he was in the chair. People were peering in the windows to get a look at all the action. Everyone at that point wanted piercings! We even pierced a tragus without freezing!

Saturday night was a BLAST! Sunday, bright and early we arrived back for some final cleanings and a couple more piercings. We were visited again by a client from Saturday night who brought her boyfriend in for a cartilage piercing and she got a special piercing herself. I bet her ride home was an adventure ;)

We packed up shop around lunch time, returned to Blackstar Headquarters and unpacked. Then... to bed. Overall it was a great weekend. Everyone was in great spirits and I can't wait to go back and do it all over again next year!

Peace out! Molle


























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