Holy holes

I like piercing. Obviously I would not be here otherwise. Over the past two decades I have had well over 36 piercings although none are visible. Things poking out of the head excludes a person from many forums. I could never have worked in my milieu, suit and tie. with flashing whatevers. However, after hearing Jim Ward interviewed on CBC around 1986, I thought that such stimuli to the endorphins might be pleasurable. And so another life began. The disadvantage of this other lifestyle is that it is addictive, particularly for a bit of an exhibitionist. One lead to another and so the piercings increased. The advantage of Blackstar is that there were people I could talk to and they were not adverse to more 'unusual' request for designs. Almost all my genital piercings could only work, function if they were custom made. It took me some time to convince people that 1 the piece would fit; 2 that it was a neat idea. The theme has been to design accouterments to the male apparatus that would pleasurably correspond to a female anatomy and be functional. Hence the large number of piercings but only a dozen remain as workable. This is the cost of experience or experimentation.
I should delight to meet a female that had a similar interest and would enjoy an occasional assignation to discuss such societal aberrant manifestations.

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