Blackstar Club

The Blackstar Club is a restricted area of the web site to keep adult content away from children, and to permit our users to interact with each other in a private area.

Members are able to post information and photos. Each member is able to create and maintain their own Blog and Gallery. These postings are available to the public by default, but access may be restricted by the member to authenticated users or to club members only. We also restrict access to what might be termed R-Rated material to Club Members only.

Benefits of membership in the Blackstar Club:

  • Your own web log (BLOG)
  • Your own photo album
  • Access to ALL site content
  • Advanced keyword search for site
  • Your own email forwarding address of the form
  • Discount on all piercing services and jewelry at Blackstar in Kingston
  • More ...

Club memberships may be maintained in two ways:

  1. If you merely wish access, and do not intend to participate, by subscribing through PayPal, or
  2. By maintaining your points as an active poster. Points are given to authenticated users for:
    • Creating a Forum topic.
    • Creating a comment.

Club Memberships (points-based) are given to invitees of existing Club members. If you have been invited, you will receive full club access, and it is up to you to maintain it. The threshold for Club membership is currently 5 points, but this will increase as the site gets more active, and we will begin expiring points to clear inactive users.

To join our Club, go to our Join Page, or start accumulating points by posting.

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