Blackstar Body Piercing

BlackStar Body Piercing is a Canadian company dedicated to delivering high quality body jewelry and body piercing services to our clients, and to improving the level of knowledge and skill within the body piercing community. This site is an information resource to be used both by the public and by the professional body piercer.

What We Do

Our Body Piercing Aftercare pages start with the philosophy of piercing aftercare and aftercare theory, and will give you straight answers about the short term and long term care of various specific body piercings.

There is a lot of misinformation about body piercing out there. We would like to take the opportunity to put some informed, intelligent and accurate information out to the body piercing community by way of our Body Piercing Information and Body Piercing Myths pages. And we will give you straight answers about the Public Health side of the business.

Body Jewelry

BlackStar is Canada's leading manufacturer of premium grade surgical steel and Niobium body jewelry. Our business is Body Jewelry.

Piercing Links

Here you will find a large collection of [mainly] piercing related websites a number of which who have seen fit to link back to ours. From humourous to informative and everywhere in between. If it's about piercing, you'll find it here. If you wish to exchange links, visit the Reciprocal Links Page and complete the form.

BlackStar operates in Kingston (BlackStar Body Piercing Studio).

If you have any questions about body piercing, body jewelry or beyond, please don't hesitate to ask us. You'll find our staff friendly and informed and always willing to give you a helping hand.

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