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The Club forum is a new addition. We are hoping club members will wax eloquent on a number of topics. Unlike the Aftercare forum, no topic is off limits, and we will not edit your posts.

The only rule we have is no flaming. We will not tolerate flame wars. If you have a point to be made, we expect you to do so in a civil manner. If you disagree with something, make your point also in a civil manner.

The stories board is an idea we would like to see developed. If you have some short prose, amusing anecdotes, poetry or whatever, let us see it. If we can collect enough, perhaps we will set up a new section for the public site. We have labelled it 'fiction' so if the story is true, please do not use any real names. We assume that the work is your own, and that you are not copying the work of others.

Enjoy the boards.

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