Very New Nose Piercing

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Very New Nose Piercing

Hi!  I just got my nostril pierced yesterday, and I'm curious about what I should expect in terms of healing discomfort.

So far, it feels FANTASTIC, no pain at all.  I've noticed, though, that many people comment about getting an infection or discomfort a few weeks after the piercing.

Is it more likely to get have discomfort immediately after the piercing or after a bit of time has passed?  Also, I don't have any "crusties" yet--is that a joy still to come?

Thanks for you input!

I'm glad that your nostril is healing well. In terms of discomfort, you may find that blowing your nose maybe difficult! You must be aware of washing drying your face because you don't want the towel to snag on the jewellery and have it come out, which can be painful. So far no crusties is a good thing. It just means that your peircing isn't dry chapped.
Hope this helps!  

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