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Vertical Hood Question

I have decided to get a vertical hood piercing. 

I have a few questions first...

I have read its not very painful, how true is that? I got an eyebrow piercing done at Blackstar last yr, and was surprised it wasn't completely horrible, was more stinging then pain I would say.
As for the abstain from sex for a wk or whatever your comfortable with, do you really have to have ur significant other wear a condom?
How fast is the process to get it done. I will be completely out of my confort level to lay there to get it done and was wondering just how long it takes??
And last, what kind of ring is used to pierce with? My brow ring was a CB, is that the same as the VH?

Thanks for your advice in advance...

If you are considering coming to Blackstar to get this piercing, then we will not just use the topical freezing spray as we did for your eyebrow but a gel as well.  We cannot tell you how painful it will be for you because each person has a different pain threshold.  We can tell you that genital piercings are the fastest healing piercings.

Generally the condom is when the man gets a PA or other genital piercings that we recommend using a condom.  For the comfort part, yes, you have to be wait for a few days so that your piercing can start healing.  Many do not wait the full week and that is just a personal choice.

How long the piercing takes is 1 2 second.  The entire procedure about 10 minutes.  If you wish to have someone in with you during the procedure, yes, please do.

The CB is a 12g and it is a 3 8" diameter ring.

Hope we have answered all your questions, and we hope to see you soon.  You do not need to make an appointment but if you want privacy, then come earlier in the day and not on a weekend as we do get busier during that time.

Blackstar Forum Moderator

Thank you so much for the reply, you have put me at ease about alot of things!! 
I will be coming back to Blackstar for my piercing, as I was impressed and was treated so well when I had my eyebrow!

Only other question I have come up with from your reply, since you start off with a CB, how long do you have to wait to get a bar put in? I read that you measure to insure proper sizing, is that done at the time of the piercing or when returning for a barbell?

I appreciate your help, you guys are awesome!!

We are very glad to have helped.

As with any other piercing, we generally recommend waiting 6 weeks before changing the jewellery.  With a hood piercing, you will need to come in and have it measured and it will be manufactured to fit.  So you would come in after 6 weeks and get it measured and when the jewellery was made, you would get a call to pick it up.

See you soon.

Blackstar Forum Moderator

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