Swelling inside nose causing problems

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Swelling inside nose causing problems

I know already that I goofed by not researching this BEFORE I got my nose pierced and I probably made all the wrong choice...I know this is already but please let's not focus on that!

I got my nose pierced 8 days ago with a gun and the lady used what I guess is probably an earring for the ear, not a proper nose ring.

The inside of my nose (around the piercing)  is swollen with a sort of bump ...I get the same thing when I put a thicker earring in my ears.  I don't think it's infected or anything.

However, the swelling caused tightness between my nose and the backing of the earring.  This caused my nose ring to to dig into my skin - so the top of the nose ring went into the hole. The skin around the piercing went in and skin was covering the nose ring.

I've been doing sea salt water soaks and putting polysporin on it but little improvement with the swelling and nose ring going into my nose.

So yesterday I removed the backing so there's more space.  Unfortunately the nose ring pops out so i stick a little piece of clear tape to prevent that from happening...don't know if this bad or not....it's not really noticeable until someone looks at it closely...it  probably looks stupid but it's that or having it fall out and then either getting it infected or closed.

I just need the swelling to go down so I can put a proper nose stud in (which I have) but it's not long enough to go in because of the swelling.  

What's the best way of getting the swelling down and how long? I've heard tea tree oil.  My nose is already doing much better adn all that peeling and red skin gone from the outside.  No puss, redness or pain.  

I refuse to go back to where I got it because the lady is a complete idiot (she told me I can change it in 2 weeks!).  I went to a shop that specializes in piercings and got a very cold reception and they said they couldn't help me because they only have nose studs for needle piercings.  There's only one more place in town I can try but I suspect they will tell me the same thing.

Not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

STOP using salt water and polysporin as these are not appropriate for the nostril piercing.  These will irritate and the bump will not go away.  Salt water dries the tissue and the polysporin is a oil based ointment and will clog the pores on the nose.

The first issue is to get a proper nostril screw so that you can relieve the pressure from the improper jewellery.  Do you mean that the piercing shop will not change your jewellery into a nostril screw?  They cannot be too good at their job because this jewellery can be difficult to insert but easily handled by a good piercer.

Do not use Tea Tree oil as its not made for this type of problem.  It will only irritate more and delay the healing process.

Try to get a nostril screw into your piercing and then leave it alone.  Write back with your progress.

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