Still puss and crust

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Still puss and crust

Just wanted to know, I had my nipples done, vertically and horizontally..about 2 weeks apart...and its been 2 months or so.

the left one is STILL greenish puss and they are all 4 still crusty.

how long will these tale to STOP being all crusty and nasty?

If you have been following an aftercare as your other piercing, then we understand why you are having greenish puss.  This is a definite infection!  Please seek medical attention.

We also know that most doctors like to remove jewellery as a matter of course, but the ring barbell is necessary as it gives the puss a way of being expelled from the body.  If not, a cyst can form and must then be removed.  So do not let the doctor scare you in removing the jewellery.

They other reason they are crusty is possible over cleaning lactaton.  Leave them alone (except for the infection part).  When you shower, let warm water run over them (DO NOT SOAP THEM).  After, take a Q-tip (separate for each piercing) and remove the crusties, without moving the jewellery too much.

This is all you have to do, NO MORE CLEANING.  But first get the infection taken care of.

Keep in touch

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ok, so i got my nipple pierced about 3 and 1 2 months ago. there's still some leakage - somedays worse than others - it's a milky color but sometimes has a tinge of yellow to it. (not very often though).

i don't want to over clean with soap so i use a wet q-tip when removing crust, and then i use soap every 2 to 3 days. i also let water run over it while in the shower. but yesterday i noticed that i have just the tiniest bit of discharge coming from my nipple (not through the piercing ).

my breast isn't sore or anything. should i be freaking out?

Even the amount of cleaning you do is irritating the piercing.  All you need to do is soap around the piercing and let the warm water run over the area.

How often do you get this fluid from the nipple?  If there is a cycle to this, then it could and probably is lactation.  When you pierce the nipple, it opens up the milk ducts and you can get a flow once in a while.  Its nothing to be worried about.

Please do not get worried about it.  Your piercing is not sore, hot to touch or extremely painful then you do not have an infection.

From everything that you have written, its lactation and irritation which should subside once you leave the piercing alone.

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hi, i am having a similar problem.  i am a male, 20, and had my nipple pierced about 4 months ago and i still have little puss bubbles at both ends of the piercing.  the puss is white-ish, and goes away for a few weeks at a time, but always seems to come back.

i clean it in the shower with dove almost daily.  any help would be greatly appreciated!

Besides that the puss you describe may be lactation, you are definitely OVERCLEANING your piercing.

You state that you clean your piercing daily, there is no need for this and all that you do is only irritating and your body is responding by pussing.  This is a result of white blood cells trying to rid your piercing of the irritation and since there is nothing but you cleaning your piercing, the puss has no where to go but to be expelled by your body.

As long as you keep cleaning, you will have puss and eventually you will breakdown the tissues in front of your piercing and you could lose the piercing.

PLEASE STOP CLEANING AND MOVING THE RING.  In the shower, just let warm water run over them.  You will notice crusties and all you have to do after you shower is take a Q-tip and remove them.  Otherwise, leave them alone.

You will notice in a few days that your body is not producing the puss as it was and it will soon stop.  You may get lactation about once a month or 6 weeks.

Keep in touch.

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I am having the crust and puss issues also.  My right nipple is crusting but not as much as my left nipple is a about 1x bigger than my right and having a little bit more trouble in healing.

I've had them two months.  I had my piercer look at them he said that they were ok.

Anyway, the left nipple is crusting WAY more than the is a light whitish yellow, but when it dries it turn a light green! Is that ok?

Also, I have a wierd feeling every now and then on my left breast feels kind of hard...not rock hard, not a soft as my right breast which is smaller than the left which is wierd to me.

Everything about my left breast is bigger.

Im' really scared.

First, the breasts are not the same size.  One is a little bigger than the other.  Depending on the hand that you write with, that is the one that is generally larger.

But the problem that is concerning us is the colour of the puss and that the one that dries to a greenish colour is harder than the other one.  This could be that its infected.  We do not know what your aftercare is was.  We do not know what you are currently doing to your piercings, if anything.  If you are still cleaning, turning the jewellery and using harsh products, then you will have problems.

Our recommendation is that you seek medical attention and find out if in fact you have an infection.  If so, get treatment and stop cleaning your piercings.

Please keep in touch.

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I was using Provon soap 1 a day that was about 3 days ago. All I'm doing now is getting a Q-tip and cleaning them in the shower under water.

It is my left breast and Im right handed.  the pus has gotten lighter but I get a wierd feeling in my breast.

What does migration feel like?

We are glad that you are not cleaning your piercings anymore.  It will take a few days before your body will adjust to this, so please be patient.

Do your breasts change when you are on your period?  You may want to watch how your breasts behave during the month and leading up to your period.  There may be a pattern and this is what your breasts have probably always done but since you have them pierced, you now notice them more and this can be frightening.

You have not really been clear on just what the weird feeling in about.   Can you try to describe the feeling to us?

Migration is the breakdown of the tissues in front of a piercing and with the rubbing of the rings (or barbells) the tissues are unable to sustain the jewellery and slowly the jewellery falls out.  Generally there is no pain and most really do not notice until they can actually see the jewellery which is just underneath the skin.

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dixiegrrrrrl (not verified)

I had to end up taking my piercings out of the nipples after 9 months, they still had not healed and were having puss come out.  When I was checking my nips, I noticed that the piercings were really close together and the barbells were actually touching each other inside my nipple, it was awful.

I took the horizontal ones out and it was better for awhile, but they constantly were puss filled and nasty nasty nasty. Maybe I will try again someday, horizontally only.  I was so bummed, pain pain pain for 9 months and no baby to show for it!! LOL..

I still have my genital piercings, that thing is amazing, it healed in a day!

Sounds like the piercings were migrating.  You did not tell us what colour the puss was and how often you had the problem.

You also did not tell us what gauge you were pierced with as this may have helped in the migration process.

Sorry that you removed the piercings and if you do get them repierced, please use 12g rings and follow our aftercare.

Genital piercings are the fastest healing piercings.  The tissues in that area are so labile that healing is very quick.

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Just to be clear,when I talk about 'piercings' I am talking about the hole in your body, not about the jewelry you place in it.

Contrary to popular belief, sea salt (or salt of any kind) is bad for your piercings. Stop using it!

Just use a gentle warm water irrigation to get rid of any crusties, then leave the piercings alone and let them heal. The more you abuse the piercings, the longer the healing will take. For more information, search this site for the words 'red bump'.



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