Start with a nose screw or ring?

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Start with a nose screw or ring?

Hi there

I have been considering getting a nose piercing and have been looking at your website, which I have found very informative and useful.

However, I am a little conflicted as to whether it would be better to start the piercing with a ring or a nose screw.  The nose screw has no aftercare, but on this website in the body piercing aftercare section it describes caring for a nose piercing started with a ring.

Which would you recommend as the best way of starting a piercing, assuming I don't have to worry about complying with dress codes?

Thanks for this great website- it has been very helpful.

We use to do the nostril piercing with a ring many years ago but we also found it to be problematic as many were overcleaning.  This caused the bump problems to go on for a longer period of time as the ring would have a greater chance of moving where the nostril screw does not.

Its really a matter of choice.  If you can and like the ring look, then get it done with a ring.  If you want a stud appearance, then get it done with a nostril screw.

Just do not overclean the piercing if getting it done with a ring.  As well, use a 16 or 18 gauge captive bead ring as this is the gauge that you will find most of the nostril screws are available in.

Good luck and we are glad that you found this website so helpful.

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