Somebody please help me!

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Somebody please help me!

hey, i gt my nose pierced in january this year with a gun...and everything was alright the first week. But a week later i didnt like the big stud that was on my nose and so i changed the stud.

After that the bump started appearing inside my nose, it was red.  Because i tried and clean it well, it would start bleading.  Later on the bump appeared on the top as well. And so i made the big mistake of using salt water soaks as my doctor recommended.

But that was not helping, and now i have 2 bumps inside and outside.  I realise i have irritated it alot.  Recently i went to another doctor and he said that i would have to have a little surgery and remove both the bumps.  I dont want to do that.  I want to believe that there is still some hope left.

Please tell me what to do, i really love my piercing and i dont want to give it up.

pls help

Getting pierced with a gun is not a good idea as the gun is NOT made to properly fit into the nostril and it also punches tissue out.  You also have a heavy front stud because it is made for an ear lobe not a nose.  This can put pressure and irrtate the piercing.

You also cleaned it and this also irritates the piercing and you developed bumps (inside and outside) which can happen.  They will dissipate but you have to leave them alone so that the body will reabsorb the fibrous tissues inside the bump.  Your doctor is incorrect except if they were keloids and then it would be the only way to remove them.  It takes several months to form keloids and you have not had them that long.

Right now, just leave the piercing alone and do NOTHING AT ALL.  Do not clean in any way, do not change the jewellery.  Wash your face as you normally would and just avoid any makeup around the piercing.  You should see a slight difference in a couple of weeks.

Keep in touch with your progress.

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I have left the bump alone as much as i can, except for cleaning the crusties with an ear bud after having a shower. However when i do that, it starts bleeding. Also after the top crusties are removed, you can see some red fleshy stuff sticking out of it.

Should i still continue to clean it after having a shower? also i read that grapefruit seed extract helps to heal the bump, is that true?  If so where can i get it from and how do i use it?

thanks so much

You are obviously doing too much to your piercing as it is bleeding.  To make the tissues bleed, you must be putting too much pressure on the bump.  Please leave it completely alone.  Allow the body to heal itself.

Irritation is not an infection and grapefruit seed extract is an antiviral product and will do nothing for you as this is NOT an infection.

Doing anything to this piercing is what causes the problems.  The best thing you can do is to leave it alone.  You have not told us what type of jewellery you have in the piercing?  Is it implant grade surgical steel or something else?  If its not then this could also be part of your problem.

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