sinking nostril screw

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sinking nostril screw

I had my nose pierced with an 18 g nostil screw 6 weeks ago.  I did get a bump, in addition to that my nostril screw would sink into my piercing after I washed my face; and I would have to push it out.

I tried not doing anything, but washing my face (like I would normally do), hoping the bump would go away and my piercing would heal.  But, since the jewellery kept going back into the hole, it seemed like it was constantly irritated.

Anyway, to make a long story long, I took it out and let it heal.  Good as new, the bump was gone in a day, and so was my piercing.  My question is, did I get pierced with the wrong kind of jewelry for an initial piercing?

I did get pierced with a needle and a nostril screw, but the top of the jewelry was small and flat; and I thought maybe this contributed to it sinking into the piercing instead of staying above the hole.

I'd like to know what is the best jewelry to use for an initial piercing, as well as the right aftercare.  I've read in your postings, not to do anything at all, but my piercer gave instructions to wash with antibacterial soap 4 times a day and do sea salt soaks.

I'm just confused.  I'm thinking I would like to try again, but I don't want to go through all the hassle.  I wanted something cute, not bumpy or something I'd have to dig out each day and hope that it stayed up.

Thanks for your help.

We were wondering why it was sinking, until we got to the part of just how much you were told to clean it.

Salt water is harsh and dries out the tissues.  Everything that you did, only irritated the piercing and kept the swelling up and this is why your jewellery was sinking into your nose.  Had you not done anything of that aftercare, you probably would still have your piercing and you would not have developed the bump.

The jewellery was appropriate, it was the aftercare that caused you problems.

We cannot tell you who to follow, we can only tell you what we have done and those who follow our aftercare, have NO problems with their nostril piercings.

We had one client who did so much damage because her 'friends' told her to clean it with Savlon etc.  She came into the shop with a bump that looked like a wart.  When we asked her why, she answered because her friends are nurses.  We asked, did any of them have their noses pierced... she said NO!  Once she started doing it our way (meaning leaving it alone), her problem soon disappeared.

You did it their way first, you cannot lose by trying it our way.

Good luck and keep in touch

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simheidi (not verified)

Thank you for your response.

So, I was just wondering, if I try to get my nose pierced again, do I do absolutely nothing from the get go?  Can I wash my face like I would normally do with regular facial cleanser, or just use water?

I was washing the piercing from the inside and out, and moving the jewelry while I was washing to get the antibacterial soap in the piercing.  (That was what I was told to do.)  So, I was probably really irritating it.  And after I washed , it was actually like my piercing was softer, and then aborbed the jewelry.

I know, from reading a lot of these postings, that people have a hard time "doing nothing,"  as well, as maybe they aren't clear what exactly "do nothing" means.  I know that sound so dim; but I guess I want to know what would be okay (like what can I wash my face with), and do I avoid touching the piercing at all times, and for how long.

Thanks for your knowledge and patience.

Glad that we helped clarify some issues.  The 'do nothing' was a response to all the negative things that you were doing, its better to do nothing than all that you had done.

But to clarify, yes, wash your face with the cleanser you normally use.  If you use any type of make-up or acne cream, try to avoid the area for a few days.  You need to clean your face so using just water is not good either.

Please DO NOT move your jewellery, its painful and will only irritate the tissues and give you that 'sinking' feeling all over again.  The idea is to not bother the piercing directly but pretend that its not there.

As the swelling dissipates, you may start to see the hook in your nose and what we suggest is to take a Q-tip and push it back up to where its comfortable.  This will also tell you that the swelling is dissipating because the screw will be more easily moved than when first pierced.

Basically, being careful not to irritate the piercing for the first 6 weeks.  Then just be alert to it being there and do your best not to hit it.

Hope we have helped.

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simheidi (not verified)

Thanks again.  It all makes sense now.  So, if I do get my nose pierced again, I will at least not be clueless, and will know what is normal and be clear on what I should and shouldn't do.

I wish that  there were not so many misconceptions and incorrect advice on piercing aftercare; if I had been prepared with the correct information, I would still have my nose piercing.

You have been really helpful to the people who have developed problems; too bad you can't be there before the piercing!!

You are doing a great job helping and reassuring people.

Thanks for the lovely compliments.

We know that you are many others are confused this is the main reason for this forum, to try to teach, educate and give knowledge so that when you walk into a piercing shop, you are not so easily fooled.

We are trying to bring body piercing into the 21st century, but too many are in the dark about what tools to use and they hear from another uninformed person and the wrong information continues to spread.

We hope that you will tell your friends about this site and hopefully your misfortune may not happen to someone else.

If you need to have the information for the future, its under Blackstar's aftercare section.

Thanks again

Blackstar Forum Moderator

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