Sinking nose piercing after 1 day

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Sinking nose piercing after 1 day


The day after I got my nose piercing it sunk in to my nose to the point where I couldn't see it - it's a small ball attached to the bar that's got the "s" curve.

Then, I got in to a car accident the following day. The doctor insisted upon removing the piercing as he was convinced the hole in my nose would heal over the piercing and told me I would have to have surgery if that happened.

So now I'm left with painful memories of the doctor pulling out my piercing w pliers and a big gaping hole in my nose.

What went wrong? And will I ever be able to put the piercing back in?

Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry to read about your dilema.  You did not tell us if you were given any aftercare.  It sounds like you did attempt to clean it with something, probably why your piercing sunk into your nose; excessive swelling!

Getting into an accident did not help and doctors prefer removing jewellery whenever possible and we are sorry that you had it removed.  We also have to tell you that your piercing is probably gone, you did not have it long enough and this tissue heals quickly.

You should have no problem getting it repierced but wait about 2-3 weeks so that your tissue will heal.

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