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same ol' story

So I got my nose pierced in December.  I LOVED IT!!!  Then I pulled it out accidently with a towel.  Then I got a bump and then I got a cold.  Now I have a HUGE disgusting witch like wart on my nose.  And I called the piercer who told me to put asprin on it (that didn't work) and I tried to poke it with a pin (Yes I know it was a stupid idea) anyhow nothing came out I just ended up making it bigger and redder and grosser.  When I put hot compresses on it the bump just gets redder and (seems) to get bigger.

I'm reading the advice on this site and I'm getting freaked out.  I don't want to take it out b c I really think it's cute and I love all the non-bumper nose piercings I see out in the world.

Is is really going to go away or will these bumps come back again and again and again?  If someone can say "YES. It will go away" I'm willing to wait 3, 6, 9... whatever months for it to go.  But if I'm going to look like the witch from the wizard of oz for the six months and nothing changes...Maybe I'd rather just take it out.

Having the problems that you have had with your fresh piercing was unfortunate and now you have a bump.

You are doing the right thing with the compresses as this will calm down the tissues and hydrate the skin.

Since you re-injured the piercing, it will take some time for it to dissipate.  Please be patient.  Do not use any other product.

Leave it alone and let the body heal itself.

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