nostril piercing oozing pus

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nostril piercing oozing pus

I had my right nostril pierced 3 weeks ago at a piercing studio here in Atlanta.  I have a surgical  stainless  nose screw.  It was doing great-no pain or  problems, the occasional crust but nothing much at all.

I was initially washing it twice a day with a triclosan-containing soap (fragrance and color free), per my aftercare sheet.  I also would  apply chamomile compresses on occasion.

Recently I have slacked off because it was doing well and I was very busy the past few days and tonight it was sore so I went to look at it, and it had started to sink.  When I flared my nostrils it oozed white pus.  

So,  I soaked it in warm water (very soothing) and applied a chamomile compress (warm tea bag), which felt great.  Now I wonder what to do next.

I don't want to let it go and create a serious infection-it seems local for now and I'm  fine with treating  a local infection at  home.  What do you recommend for that?

I see that you suggest leaving a nose screw totally alone, wish I'd seen that before (sounds very much like, unlike what I was given.  Now that it is oozing some pus, what would you suggest?  I am not comfortable with neosporin (have read that it prohibits airflow).  I do not wear makeup and have not used anything else on it except sea salt in hot water soaks (just read that wasn't good, very drying but now I wonder if that is good since it is oozing?)

Can you offer some ideas?  Thanks.

I'm sorry to hear that your nostril is angry! What I suggest is leaving it alone. Don't bombard your piercing with other chemicals or cleaning agents. It just needs some time to heal.
Good Luck

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