NOSTRIL HELP - Am I too late??!!

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NOSTRIL HELP - Am I too late??!!

I have had my piercing for 1.5 years - I never let it heal correctly b c I changed it too soon and frequently after that. In Nov I had a piercer change it since there were scratches on the screw from me trying to use pliers to re-bend etc. The redness on the outside and swollen bump on the inside of the piercing has never gone away. I ordered a 14kt nose stud and changed it today from a 16g screw to a 20g stud - I love the diamond 14kt stud. Also changed from my Dial soap to Provon soap and am trying antibiotic ointment from my Dr (no, I didn't see her - she just prescribed it). Anyway, now my stud doesn't hardly show inside b c of my swelling and bump. Is all lost? Will I have to remove? Any advice??

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it's been red for a while and does get more swollen when I change it, but a little swelling remains inside around the piercing. the cream I got was just a general antiobiotic - just prescrption strength instead of neosporin. I have been doing the chamomile tea bag thing and other than that leaving it alone and that seems to be helping!

If you changed the jewellery frequently and had jewellery that was damaged, it could be the cause of your problems.  The bump, how long have you had it?

You do not have an infection so the ointment is not doing anything but irritating the piercing and clogging the pores so that the bump will not go away.

The bump is not going away as result of all the damage you have been causing lately.  We recommend just warm water compresses for 10 minutes a night to help calm down the tissues.  We also would strongly suggest that you STOP using the antibiotic ointment as you do not have an infection and you are breakdown the natural ecology of your skin and can develop a bacteria infection.

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