nostril crusties

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nostril crusties


I've had my piercing for a week now (nostril screw, needle, professional) for a week now and I'm just wondering - how the heck do i clean the oh so disgusting dried snot matter off the inside? It bothers me because I can feel it in there.

thanks for any info!

There are several ways to do this.  One, use your finger and bring down the screw part and literally rub off the dry matter.  Another is to use a Q-tip instead of your finger.  Most clients find that their fingers are very good.

Oh yea, then there is going to your piercer and letting them do it.  They will remove the jewellery, clean it and then re-insert it.  This may cost some money because they will have to use tools etc.

We hope that you are NOT cleaning the piercing at all and just washing your face as normal.

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