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new piercing

I had my nostril pierced about a week ago with a screw.  I have been cleaning about 3 times a day with Dial soap and a Q-tip as advised by the piercer.

It now seems as though the hole is getting bigger and the jewelry is sinking into the hole.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Please help!

Please STOP CLEANING YOUR PIERCING.  You are irritating it and this has increased the swelling.

Because of the nature of the jewellery and the nostril area, there is no additional cleaning that you should do for it.  Just wash your face as you would if you did not have the piercing.

If the inflammation is stressing you, then you can take an anti-inflammatory to help decrease the swelling in the area.

Your nose deals with a lot of toxins in our environment and handles them quite well without any intervention from us.  Your piercing is the same.  Leave it alone and allow your body to heal it.

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