My stud is sinking

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My stud is sinking

I had my nose pierced on Saturday at BlackStar.  I am really happy with the service I received and I'm thrilled overall with my piercing. :)

The swelling seems pretty extensive on the inside of my nose, as it doesn't show that much on the outside; except that my stud seems to be sinking into the exterior wall of my nostril. It's very tight to the skin and the metal surrounding the gem seems to be actually below the skin.

I haven't done anything in terms of 'aftercare' and have tried to leave it alone (although I have repositioned the screw from the inside a couple of times, so it doesn't show as much inside my nostril).  Is this normal swelling, or should I be concerned? Should I come in to see you?

Thanks. :)

Please Katie, come into the shop and let one of the piercers take a look at it.  It is possible to adjust the jewelry.


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Same thing happened to me.  I went back to where I got it done today (I got my piercing 3 days ago) and they said it was because there was more swelling than they had anticipated.  So what they did was take out the stud, put in a pin while they adjusted it to make it longer, and put the stud back in.  They had to do it twice to get the right length and it HURT just as much the first time I got the piercing, if not more.

Also, because it had been sinking for awhile, it also formed a small crater on my nose.  They suggested pushing out on the stud every once in a while.  I am following their advice but it is still quite sore.

On the 3rd day is called peak swelling and this can be quite uncomfortable for some.  It is quite true that some people swell more than others and at our shop we do get the clients in and we adjust the nostril screw so that it is more comfortable for them.  After 6 weeks, this adjustment will have to be set back as it will be extremely loose and cause other problems.

Since the nose is a sensitive area, some people will be even more uncomfortable when doing this adjustment.  It can take about 3 days for the discomfort to go away.

We do not recommend you pushing on the jewellery  as this will only irritate it more and besides, the adjustment should have alleviated this problem.

If you are still having swelling problems, we suggest a warm compress for a few minutes in the morning and evening.  Otherwise, please let it alone.  The more you irritate the piercing, the greater chance you will have of causing more problems down the road.

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate the advice!

What are the problems that come with having a nose screw that is too loose?

Basically the stud moves around with ease and the rounded end can be below the nostril and look unappealing.

If this is happening to you, wait until your piercing is about 4 weeks old as changing the jewellery can be a little uncomfortable.  You also want the swelling to be completely dissipated.

Some places do not know how to adjust the nostril screw, you may wish to ask your piercer first.

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I just wanted to update you on my nose situation.  Normally, I heal quite quickly without complications but when I went in to get my stud adjusted, I think it really messed things up.

Anyway, I developed somewhat of a maybe-bump around the stud (purplish and raised) but I took your advice and left it alone.  It didn't hurt at all other than the day they made the adjustment, so I thought it was weird that it still looked so gross, because as I said earlier, I usually heal fast.

Anyway, with some patience, it only took a week, the purple is now GONE and fell off in the shower (yes, I know that sounds gross) but now I have this wonderful piercing and I love it to bits.

Leaving it alone was some good advice.  Thanks!  It looks quite beautiful, if I must say so myself.

We are so very happy that you took our advice and noticed just how quickly our body will take care of itself if we just leave it alone.


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gigi (not verified)

I got my nose pierced like 4 days ago nd the guy told me to clean it with Listerine and of course i didnt listen to him bc that has alcohol in it. But now my piercing seems to b sinking into my nose should i be worry ? I only touvh it when i clean it w sea salt nd water

Without seeing what is happening, I cannot comment except to say, see a doctor.

Listerine in a new one! Whoever told you that, stay away from them. Listerine should only be used in the mouth, where it is naturally diluted by saliva.

Read other posts in this forum for the problems associated with sea salt.



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