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More bump issues

I got my piercing (a nostril screw) about 2 months ago.   About a month ago, I developed a bump that also bled - there was no pain or wasn't infected, it was just one of those bumps everyone talks about I think.   I found this site, and read the threads about bumps and decided to follow the advice of not doing anything.

My aftercare practice:  I had been dabbing it with bactine twice a day for the first 2-3 weeks, but had stopped that about a week before the bump developed.  But then, once the bump developed, I assumed it was because I had stopped the bactine, so I began to use it again.  That is, until I saw this site 2 or 3 days after that.  I think the bump may have developed as a result of my ring snagging and coming out one day.

ANYWAY, after 3 weeks of doing nothing, the bleeding had stopped, but the bump was still there with no changes or indications that it was going down.   It is relatively small, barely bigger than the head of my nose ring, but it is noticeable to me.

Finally, last Saturday (the 17th) I stopped in to my piercer.  He took a look and told me that I shouldn't leave it alone anymore.  Rather, I should religiously do hot water soaks (NOT salt water) twice a day, and dab with hydrogen peroxide after.   Then, he told me to see him in a week if the bump hadn't gone down to see if we needed to get more aggressive. question is, does the whole theory of "leaving it alone" apply after a month?  What IS this bump anyway?  Is it scar tissue forming, and if so, does that mean it is permanent?   If I was to do nothing at this point, how long would it take to go away?  

I just want to make sure that I'm not hurting it more with this hydrogen peroxide water thing.   It hasn't gone down in the 5 days I've been following these instructions, but then again, maybe it takes much longer?  

By the way, my piercer is extremely reputable...I trust his judgement even as I'm questioning it.   He has been piercing a long time, has a loyal following, is very trustworthy, and really seems to know what he's doing.   Yet I'm doubting him, because of what I'm reading here...even though I can't verify the reliability of the information I'm reading on this site!  

Thank you!


Please DO NOT USE THE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.  This product kills everything, good and bad.  It will dry out your tissues and the bump could possibly redevelop.

We have a section about aftercare products and there is a write up about hydrogen peroxide, please read.  It also tells you about bactine and how the manufacturer does NOT recommend using it for piercings.

We are not trying to insult the piercer you find reputable, we are just trying to tell you that many of these people do not have the training in products and their manufactured uses.  They generally use them because they have been told by others without doing any investigation of their own.

Each person handles aftercare slightly diferent and though it may work for some, the majority will not have a positive effect from using these products.  Our extensive experience and the feedback from our returning clients have given us the data that we have accumulated throughout the last 20 years and are using it to help people.

If we understand you correctly, you had been using bactine for almost a month.  This causes damage to the delicate tissues and the body's defense system is to send out fibrous tissues to fix the problem.  What the body does not realize is that there is 'something' in the area (jewellery) and so this fibrous tissues says close just in case its needed.  (This is breaking it down pretty basic.)  As long as you are irritating the piercing, this bump will remain.  But as you leave it alone, the body slowly realizes that the irrtation is no longer happening and will slowly reabsorb the fibrous tissues.

This process can take some time, it depends on you and your healing.  Some people heal faster and others tend to take longer.  Sometimes, the older the slower you heal or if you have an underlying problem like diabetes or anemia.  For some even taking medication can retard to healing process.  Do you take asprin tylenol or birth control pills?  If so, we have found that these products will slow down the healing process and the bump will take some time to shrink.

We have helped hundreds heal their piercings and we get compliments from all over the world.  The ultimate choice is yours.  You can follow your piercer's advice or you can try it our way.

Your description is that the bump is not very large, try and wait about 1 more week.  Wash your face as normally and be careful not to get it caught in the cloth when patting your face.  If you are not seeing any reduction in the size, then please write to us privately.

Blackstar Forum Moderator

xtinaznap (not verified)

Thank you.  I don't take aspirin or birth control, but I do take medication (anti-anxiety), maybe that's slowing it down.

Also, I'm 37 and my skin is pretty oily, so I'm wondering if that is a factor.  I'm just worried that this bump will never go down.  Do you think it will, eventually, one way or another?  The bump is not very large, but it's not THAT small either.  You definately notice it if you're looking at the piercing.  My 7 year old son noticed it.

If it doesn't go down in a week, how do I write to you privately?  Maybe I'm just not searching in the right place, but I can't seem to find an email address.

Buzziesmom (not verified)

Hi xtinaznap

Just thought I'd share some encouraging news with you.  I have also been dealing with a bump that was also caused by using Bactine and then peroxide - those were my aftercare instructions from my piercer.  I know EXACTLY how you feel.  My nose was so ugly for awhile, that my family and coworkers would shudder when they looked at it - it was THAT bad.

Anyway, once I found this forum (my first post was called 'Keloid on Nose') - everything changed.  I've followed the instructions that I was given here - and everything has improved drastically.  While I still have a bump, it is now tiny and continues to shrink - and after just reading the moderator's last post to you, I realize that part of my slow healing may be due to the fact that I take birth control pills.

At any rate, once I left my nose alone, it started to heal.  You would have to be staring very closely (like, a few inches from my face) to notice the bump now!

Take heart, you will get better too :)  Blackstar knows what they're talking about!


Thanks Buzziesmom for those wonderfully kind compliments.  Glad to read that its shrinking for you.

To send us a private message, just go to the main page of this forum on the bottom you will see Aftercare Forum Moderator (and it will highlight if you put your curser on it).  It will take you to a place where you can leave us a message.

Your anti-anxiety medication will definitely affect the healing time.  You also did enough damage to the tissues that it will take some time for this to clear up.  

Your oily skin may have a factor just because of the pores becoming clogged.  We do recommend you washing your face as you normally do and be aware of your piercing when patting your face dry.  The cloth can get caught on the jewellery!

Please be patient and wait a week and if you do not see a little bit of shrinkage, then please write.

Blackstar Forum Moderator

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