Keeping normal cleansing routine?

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Keeping normal cleansing routine?

I've had my nostril done a couple of weeks now.  I've been leaving it alone, but now a small bump is appearing on the inside of my nostril, and there is ever so slight swelling on the outside.

Could I be being too vigorous with Q-tips when cleaning the inside of boogers? Also i've been spraying the q-tip with an antiseptic spray before i use it.  Is this a bad idea? Should I just stop with the q-tips altogether?

Also, my normal cleaning method because of what my skin seems to prefer is just a plain water wash in the shower, should i perhaps use at least a face wash, as i can use it if needs be? or should my normal plain water routine be fine?

Thanks for any help you can give.

You have actually not been leaving your piercing alone.  You use a Q-tip daily and put an antiseptic on it before insertion into your nose.  So you have irritated the piercing and you have developed the bump.

Leave the piercing alone, wash your face as you normally would if you did not have a piercing.  You should always use some type of cleaning agent to wash your face to remove all dirt that you have acquired during the day.  Water on its own does not clean off dirt or bacteria, so yes, you need a face wash product.

Do NOT insert Q-tips unless its absolutely necessary.  You can blow your nose with a tissue instead.  Try to ignore the piercing and in a couple of weeks, the bump should disappear.

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Ok I shall do that, but there really is nasty stuff developing on the screw inside, and now the bump has decided to appear on the outside, yikes, but probably to do with what i've been doing so far.

I shall leave it completely alone, hopefully all the bad stuff should just come out now, i'll leave it be and see what happens. One more thing, when you say wash your face as normal, I find it hard to not snag the piercing with my hands.

should i just be avoiding that side of my nose? these may sound like silly questions, but i lost a tragus piercing to these kinds of problems.  I just want to make sure i'm getting things 100% right.

If you are unable to use your hands to clean your face without irritating the nostril piercing, then avoid it.  At least you can splash water on your face and that should get in the general area.

If you need to get boogers out of your nose, please get them out.  Just be gentle on the piercing.

We are worried that you will become obsessive with the piercing and it will give you stress.  This can cause you more problems.  We do not know what you did to your tragus piercing so we cannot comment, but if you were obsessive with that one as well, we have a better understanding what's going on with this piercing.

Be patient the bumps will disappear.

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