just got my nose peirced

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just got my nose peirced

i just got my nose pierced last night. it was kinda a spear of the moment kind of thing, mom was talking to her freind that works at a makeup shop (taht does ear and nose piercings) and i decided to get my nose pierced.

they didnt have any of the solution stuff to wash it with last night, so i used sea salt. and today i bought the stuff at a local tattoo piercing shop.

now.... so how many times do i wash it? and how?
and waht are some more aftercare tips?

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i just cleaned it. and the stud wont go all the way back in. what do i do!?

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wel i got that salane solution or whatever its calledd.

and i didnt take it out, when i was soaking it.... some of the stud came out a lil. but when i soaked it when i got home today from school, it slid right back in

Please DO NOT USE salt water on your piercing.  You will develop problems including the bump.

Because of the type of jewellery, we recommend just leaving it alone and wash your face as you did before you received the piercing.

The more you bother this piercing, the more problems will occur.

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