Infection? What to do next?

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Infection? What to do next?

I had my nose pierced on Aug 6. It was done with a needle and with a nickle free stud screw. My piecer told me to keep my hands off of it and no special aftercare besides cleaning with anti-bacterial soap when I shower.

She said I could change the stud in 2-3 weeks. It seemed to have healed fine and I didn't have any problems with it. Well the stud they pierced with was kind of large and so I bought a gold diamond stud screw (much smaller than original and flat) and changed it yesterday 9 1. I had a really hard time changing it but finally got it out and switched the studs.

Today it is really red around my piercing and it also seems to be sinking. When I pushed it out a little, some yellow pus came out too. I really don't know what to do. Should I put the original stud back in or should I stick with this one and leave it alone?

Also, how should I care for this if it is infected? Could the gold be causing the problem?

We recommend waiting 6 weeks before changing the jewellery for most piercings.  You had problems removing and inserting the new one and this may have irritated your piercing, why you have swelling and pussing.

Do not change the jewellery again.  This will only make matters worse.  Put a warm cloth on your piercing and remove any crusties with a Q-tip.  Otherwise, leave it alone.  When washing your face, just wash with your normal cleanser.  Do not do anything extra for your nose.

If you have a nickel sensitivity, its possible that the gold screw may only be plated and therefore the metal is really nickel.  You may then have problems and if this is accurate, remove the gold one and insert the original.  If you paid good money for this and its not plated, then do not remove it.

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