im just getting fed up now

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im just getting fed up now

this stupid nose bump idiot thing
it wont go away
i leave it alone, i let water run down my face in the shower then pat it dry lightly
its left alone completely
the only thing i do is put a bandaid on it at night so it doesnt come out, but when i put the bandaid on i make sure it isnt actually touching
i had the bump for ages the first time
it was red and sometimes used to bleed
then i started to read these posts and so i left it alone
after about 2 - 4 weeks of completely leaving it alone, it was really good, until last night
i noticed it was a little redder than usual
then this morning it was even redder
it is still smaller than last time but still.. this is just pathetic
i dont know what i could have done to make it come back
but it sucks
what am i supposed to do??

Yeah.....mine was doing fine until I got a cold and then I got a bump but as soon as I stopped blowing my nose it went away and looked great.
I thought, "Whew, I'm finally over this bump crap" and then the next morning I woke up and it was red, swollen, pussing a little and obviously irritated.  It was not a monstrosity on my face like before, but I was so fed up with the bump acting up for no reason at all, that I took it out, and said, "Forget it."  
Most people I have talked to with nose pierces say that they struggled with theirs for several months, so maybe I just didn't stick it out long enough.  But if just got to the point where it wasn't worth it to me to be embarrassed everytime someone looked at me. just have to decide what you want.

You know, I had my bump for about 4 months. And just now it has finally really started to show improvement.  I was just about to give up as well, but I started seeing progress.  For starters it started to have days where it was quite small, sometimes it would swell up and get big again, but it would go down again quickly.  Compared to the past, where it would just be huge and ugly for weeks on end, this was definitely a welcome change.

As of this week it has gone down incredibly, and is barely noticeable. I hope it continues to shrink, but as for now I'm just glad to see such a difference.

For the record, I don't do anything to my piercing. I don't even let water touch it. I try my best to avoid bumping it and always remember to be cautious when putting on a shirt or touching a towel to my face (so as not to yank it).

I'm sorry that I don't have any advice besides telling you my own experience.  I really hope your bump improves as well.  

I've had the problem of where the bump would get big, pop, crust over then the crust would fall off and then the bump would get big again, then pop again, fill up again... the same thing kept on happening.

So what I did was I soaked it a little bit with warm water and softened up the crusties and gently wiped them all off. After that, the bump never filled back up again. I guess what was happening is the ooze that dries up has some bacteria in it which was causing the bump to reappear again. That was what my problem was.

It worked for me, if you have this same problem, hopefully it will work for you. Just make sure you do it very gently.  

Like the forum moderator said before in these posts, the bump will go away whether or not the stud is there. So you may as well keep it in and find the source of the problem.

Hope I have helped some...

Believe it or not, the bandaid could be irritating the piercing.  All we can recommend is that you stop putting on the bandaid for a week and see if there is any difference.  If the bump does not shrink even a little bit, then its not the problem.  But if the bump starts to show any sign of shrinkage, then you will know that the bandaid is causing you the problem.

Sometimes, it is something very simple and once that problem is corrected, the bump goes away fast.

You have to decide what you want to do, its your nose.

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