I need help too!

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I need help too!

I had a very successful piercing experience with only one complaint.  From day one I have been unhappy with the jewellery.  Just a clear sparkly but the setting is so big that when I looked at it, all I saw was the setting and it tended to look black.  So I waited a full seven weeks and decided to change it.  Here is where things go awry.

I couldn't get the new jewellery in!  Tried for 45 mins and gave up and ended up putting an earring in just to keep the hole open.  I live in the middle of nowhere (literally an hour to any place) and had my piercing done on vacation in a city hours away so I didn't really have the option of returning to my piercer.

The next day I went and bought the only nose jewellery I could find that I would even consider wearing, a cheap little silver nose pin with a tiny sparkly.  I absolutely love the way it looks but, I know I can't keep this in long term.  

My piercing is already red and traumatized from the 45 mins of punishment it received.  

Questions for you:
Is it possible that I have caused irreparable damage to my piercing?  It was doing so well and now looks pretty bad.  Will I do more damage by changing the jewellery again right away and should I just leave this cheap thing in until it heals a little bit?

The only place I have found in my area that sells (what appears to be) good quality nose jewellery is a People's Jewellers.  They have what I am after, and that is a white gold nose pin (although from reading this site I now know you favour screws over pins and they also carry those).

Do you think this would be better than what I have in now?  Should I buy and put it in immediately?

Any advice you can give would be extremely helpful!

Hmmm well i don't think it was irreparable. Just from doing this is may have set back the healing process so it could take a little bit longer but as long as you are patient then it shouldn't matter.

Changing the jewellery when it's not healed is always going to irritate the piercing. However having something cheap and tacky in there isn't going to help with healing at all. White gold would probably be better than what you have in at the moment however its a mixture of stuff and it's best to try and get pure metals.  Sometimes titanium or 14k gold would be recommended.

oldenuf2nobetter (not verified)

Thanks for the help!  

I will try to get this out and something better in its place as soon as possible.  I am pretty nervous about trying this again though.

Wish me luck!

You have not caused irreparable damage to your piercing.  You have injured it and this may cause a bump to form in the near future.  It will depend on just how much damage you did.

Nostril pins are difficult to remove because they shrink so fast as the pins are so thin, so we hope that you are able to remove that piece without doing anymore damage to your piercing.

Yes, we prefer nostril screws as they do less damage and are more difficult to remove but they are also difficult to lose.  People's Jewellers do carry lots of nostril jewellery and so far we have inserted many of them and no one has had any problems.

If you truly want a nostril pin, realize that the piercing will shrink to fit the pin and if it gets stuck in your nose, it will be very difficult to remove.  We have placed many clients in extreme pain because they wanted the pins removed.  The other issue is that they are too short and do not clear the inside of the nose and then your piercing is closed (permanently) from the inside and you are stuck with a nose pin forever, unless you pull real hard to get it out.

The longer you have the pin in your nose, the greater the difficulty it will be to remove it.  You have to decide what you want to do.

Good luck

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oldenuf2nobetter (not verified)

Thank you so much for your detailed response!  I believe everything you have written and will take all of that into consideration when deciding on my more permanent jewellery.  

Eleven (11) days have passed since I abused my piercing so badly and it is healing very nicely.  The body truly is an amazing machine!

Thank you so much for providing such a great service!  I have recommended your site to my friends!

Glad to have been a service to you.

Thanks for recommending us to your friends.

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