Dydoe... And Sex...

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Dydoe... And Sex...

My boyfriend has a Prince Albert and I am trying to convince him to get Dydoes on both sides.

He says 'No' because we won't be able to have sex, and when we did have sex he'd have to use a condom.

How long would we not be able to have sex, and then how long after would he have to wear a condom?

And does it have any effect on sex? Make it better for him?


We would like to inform you that the dydoes are a high risk piercing for migration because of the tissues in the area.

You can enjoy sex as soon as he is comfortable but he should wear a condom for about 2 weeks so that he can get use to the sensation.

We cannot tell you how he will feel when having sex as each person is different and will have different experiences.

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Good questions! First so you understand I speak from a place of knowledge personally: I have three Dydoes, PA & Lorum, have had them pierced for over 3 years now.

Your BF's fears are ungrounded. Yes during the healing process it is better that he wear a condom, at least during the initial stage of healing (piercing heal from the outside inward). There is much controversy about healing times, for Dydoes up to six months according to most sources. How a person heals is dependant on his or her general health. If your body is able to focus on the healing of piercing sites without competition from, colds, other injuries, etc.healing time will be shorter. Your diet also plays a part in the healing process.

My significant other is an OB/Gyn Nurse Practitioner. We researched the make-up of female vaginal fluid to see if the SOP for condom use in regards to body fluid contact holds water. This is very controversial BTW, but if your BF is healthy and you are healthy and you are in a monogamous relationship??? use a condom during initial healing about ten days then lose the latex!

If your BF has the anatomy for Dydoes and they are pierced correctly the likelihood they will migrate is not something to worry about. My LF and I have some pretty vigorous sex..nothing has moved!

The increase in sensual pleasure for both myself and LF since I first was pierced is incredible! The combo of PA & Dydoes works well! I guarantee if your BF is sexually skilled...he will give you incredible G spot orgasms, may make you squirt which is very real...not pee (smile).

Buy yourself a copy of the Piercers Bible good reading for both you and your BF.

Last find an APP certified piercer..."DO NOT" settle for less!

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