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I got my nose pierced on August 27th 2006. During the middle of September I began to get a bump above my piercing. I don't know if the piercing in general made this happen or if one of the times I hit it during my sleep caused this.

I have been using Dr. Bonners soap and H2Ocean sea salt apray. I have also put a hot compress on it and none of that is really helping.  

Well anyways, I have had this bump for almost 4 weeks and I have a few questions. *Is this a keloid yet? *Will it go away? *What should I do?

Please help me with my situation.

Thank You So Much, any help will be appreciated!

The main problem is that you have been irritating the piercing by using the H2Ocean product.  Salt water is harsh for a fresh piercing and seriously irritates the tissues.  The bump is the result of the irritation.

Please leave it alone and let the body heal itself.  The more you interfere with the healing process the longer it will take.  With respect to keloids, they takes several months to fully form.  The bump right now has fluid inside and if you continue to irritate it, the fluid will eventually dry out and you will be left with a bump.  But this takes several months to dry out the bump.

So we strongly recommend that you do warm water compress 2 times a day (morning and evening) for about 4 minutes.  This will help calm the tissues and express the puss inside the bump.  Other than that, just leave it alone.

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