Bloody Lobe Scars

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Bloody Lobe Scars

When I was twelve I got my left ear pierced on a whim, but the woman who did it was an idiot who put the stud in way too tight and two days later it had literally bored it way through the first layer of my skin. So I took it out and my parents got me at nice, preopsterously thin gold hoop which I left there untouched for most of my youth. However a circular scar (which from hindsight would be about a 6g) remained behind.

Now within the last year I got my other lobe pierced and began working them up to an 8g with minimal trouble, but after that I began having a lot of problems with my left lobe. I was lopsided for about three weeks while I massaged vitamin E into my left ear until it could finally be stretched. I upgauged again just the other night, this time moving from a six to a four, and was surprised by how much easier it was to do this time. Then I took the taper out tonight and noticed the hole was filled with blood.

Needless to say I'm lopsided again. I did a salt water rinse immediatley and put my old 6g plug in. Ultimately I'm aiming to get both sides to 00g, so my question is, will it be possible to stretch this lobe that far with the amount of scarring I have, how long would it take, what would I have to do, and if it isn't possible what can be done to make it possible?

Do not mince words. I want as much information as you have to give. Do it stream-of-consciousness style if you have to! (actually, bonus points for doing that)

Thanks in advance.

Upgauging is a process that should take a few months if not a year to get the tissues up to that gauge without doing any damage to the tissues.

You have been stretching the tissues too fast and this is part of the reason for the blood.  You are actually tearing the tissues when pushing the taper into the ear.

The process is a right of passage and of patience in African countries.  It was to show wisdom as you become a man woman.

The faster you try to get the tissues to your desired 00g, the more damage you will do and in the end you will completely scar both ear lobes.  When you decide you do not want such large plugs or tunnels in place and you remove the jewellery, you will notice the tears all around the ear lobes and this will never leave.  Your holes will not shrink and if they do, they will look like shrivelled prune texture.

Because we cannot see your lobes, all we can recommend is that you slow the process down for a couple of months and let the tissues heal some and see how flexible they become for another upgauge.

Good luck

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Thanks for the information, but it doesn't really answer my question. Given that there's a LARGE, PRE-EXISTING scar on my left lobe, what kind of behavior can I expect from it during stretching?
How does scar tissue in general behave when it is stretched?
Can or should it be stretched at all?
How far should I safely try and stretch it?
What can I do to make the entire process as healthy as possible for that side given that there's no way to prevent that 'shrivelled prune texture' you've described?
What other information regarding damaged tissue and stretching can you give me?

I don't mean to be ungrateful and what you've given is good advice for preventing more damage. I know that from what I've already learned from piercers, friends and other web sites in general. What I really needed was information on scar tissue in general, anything you'd know through experience that I wouldnt've been able to find out easily.

Sorry for ressurecting this zombified topic.

all the best.

Scar tissue is not as flexible and therefore does not give much especially when stretching.  You may not be able to stretch beyond the damage area.  Since we cannot see it and do not know just how extensive the damage is, all we can suggest is that you move forward slowly and hopefully the lobe will be more giving.

Once the damage is done, there is no way to predict what will happen and how much.  Each person is different with different responses to everything.

If you want to read more about scar tissue, we can recommend going to a medical site and search for it.  After reading about it, hopefully it will answer the other questions for you.

Good luck

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