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Hi.  I still have my bump.  I'm kind of getting used to it.  But I think the biggest problem is I'm having a hard time not touching it.  The post gets all covered with dried mucus and I get grossed out and want to scrape all that stuff off.  Then I pull it and the bump gets bigger.  

My question is would it help to put a band aid on it?  I see someone said that's bad but I'm not sure why.  My second question is how can I clean the dried mucus off without pulling on the stud and irratating the bump?  

People keep telling me that sooner or later the bump will go away.  So I don't want to take it out but I got my piercing around Dec. 15th and I'm ready for a cool bump free piercing.

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hey im matt, i dont get that dried mucas stuff whatever it is
but i got the bump thingy right next to my stud
its ugly ey..
i got mine done shortly after yours, just dont touch it at all, mines looking better after only 2 days.
if you want to clean it ive heard use the corner of a tissue or something to get the stuff off
if the 'mucas' is on top of the bump it might not be mucas at all, it could be a little skin crust thingy, leave that there, i had that and i pulled it off, the bump got redder
mine isnt noticable any more unless i point it out
with the bandaids, try wearing it just when you sleep
thats what i do and i dont have too many problems with mucas.
anyway i hope this has helped somehow

Its not muscus, but dried crusties from the tissues of the nose.  To help eliminate the bump, use a very warm compress for 10 minutes a day morning night.  This will help soften the crusties and you just need a Q-tip to remove them without doing much damage to the tissues.

This should help bring down the bump and do your best to leave it alone otherwise.

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