Anyone know?

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Anyone know?

I am having a very hard time finding a gem nose screw that sits on or close to the nose....I don't want a high raised setting.  I also want it in 18G....Anyway, I love the bioplast and the acrylic flexible nose screws....does anyone know where I can find these?  

I also see teh bioplast ones that the gem comes out....I can NOT find the replaceable gems to go in there so I don't want to buy them b c it is silly just to have 1 color when if I would buy them I would like a few gems to change up.  

Anyone, please help????

Hiya, I have a bioflex nose stud in, I think its the same stuff as the bioplast, I got mine from a company called (as I am in the uk) you will see the picture of a matchstick with a clear plastic nose stud by the side of it the gems dont fall out as they have a collar around the stud-sounds a bit strange but have a look I have had mine in for 2 months now and my piercing is a lot better and they can be cut to the right length and arnt very expensive - give them a try they have loads of coloured gems available too
Good luck

If you live in the EU then contact the company the toots has suggested.

If you live in North America, we have very small gemstones and they are pretty flat and come in a variety of colours.  Write to us at our email address and we will discuss price and shipping costs.

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