Site Policies

To keep our site accessible and enjoyable, we have implemented a few do's and don'ts for our users. In all cases, we reserve the right to edit or delete any content at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to suspend or ban any user account or block any visitor IP

Policies on Comments, including Forum Responses

When comments are open, we accept them from any users, and the comments enter our approval queue. They only become visible to other users after our moderators approve them. We allow some users to post comments without approval after they have become regular, and trusted, contributors. Our basic rles are simple.

No Flames
Even if you disagree, keep it civil. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we expect those with differing opinions to express themselves with eloquence and grace.
No Trolls
See 'No Flames'.
No Spam
Keep your comments on topic. If our readers are interested in SEO services, gambling, pharmaceuticals or porn, they will be able to find you without having your garbage on our site.
No Profanity
We have found over time that profanity is not desireable to most of our readers, and we will edit or delete any comments using potentially offensive language.
  1. When we ask for your name, do not try to give us a link to your site. Your comment will never be read.
  2. Links are allowed in the body of the comment only for attribution. We expect the link to use attribution text, and everything must be on topic. Unregistered users will be limited to no more than three such links.
  3. If you own a blog, forum or business you wish to promote, have the courtesy to register as a member of the site, and place these links in your signature.
  4. Email addresses posted by our visitors will be removed. If you wish to let others send you a message, create an account on our site and enable the personal contact form.

Privacy Policy

Please read our General statement of Privacy

We monitor your IP.
Knowing the IP address of users allows us to detect those who try to create multiple accounts, and to block known sources of malicious content. We also subscribe to various analytics services to help understand our web traffic.
We record our users' email addresses
The list of our users email addresses will never be given or sold to a third party. We use this information for the sole purpose of confirming user accounts and communicating with the users when necessary. Our users have the ability to permit or to deny other users the right to communicate with them using an on-line contact form, and to opt in or out of any mailing lists we may establish from time to time.

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