The skin area involved in any piercing procedure is to be prepared by cleaning with 70% alcohol and disinfecting with a Betadine wash or equivalent. The 70% alcohol cleaning may be eliminated for the surface of mucous membranes. Approved clinical procedures involve alcohol swabs alone for skin puncture, including IM and IV insertions. A Betadine scrub is used for insertion of a central line and is occasionally used for IV insertions.
A new single-use disposable needle must be used for each piercing. A needle is not even reused on the same client.
Disposable needles are to be discarded in a 'sharps disposable' box or container immediately after use on a client. "Immediately after use" does not mean that it must be done during the procedure. The piercers gloves must not touch the contaminated zone until all work involving the client is finished, or the piercer must re-glove after needle disposal before continuing to work on the client.
Piercing guns, if used, should only be used to pierce protruding flaps of skin such as the ear lobe, and must not be used to pierce through either cartilage or mucous membrane. Piercing guns really should not be used for any piercing:
  • they cannot de sterilized
  • they are inaccurate
  • the studs used are dull, causing excessive tissue damage during the piercing
  • studs do not allow for swelling, causing a number of associated problems
  • studs do not permit proper cleaning of the piercing
The area of the piercing is to receive final cleansing and disinfection using an approved medical cleanser such as Hibidil or Savlon.
Disposable materials (e.g. Gauze, cotton, cork, gloves etc) used during the procedure are to be discarded after use on each patron.

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