Blackstar Photobooth

Blackstar's photobooth services are available for events like weddings or conventions. Like a photo booth in the mall, the camera position and background are fixed and the subjects control the poses they wish to use. The attendant is only there to press the button when the pose is assumed. The interval between shots is about 10 sec. The photos are not edited and are presented as shot.

Photobooth galleries are available on-line for users to browse and photographs may be freely downloaded. If the event you are looking for was a private arrangement, you will need to log in to this site to see the photos. The event organizers will be able to give you the correct username and password to allow you access.

If you are using the photos for your facebook status, please download rather than linking to the photo here. We keep galleries on line only for a limited time, so the link may become unavailable.

Please note that you will require permission both from the individuals in the photos as well as from Blackstar for any commercial use.

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