Operators and employees of studios are to wear clean outer garments.
A piercer's hair must be worn short, tied back or kept covered. Loose hair can be a source of contamination, and can block the vision of the piercer during the procedure.
Piercers should be proficient in first aid and CPR. Fainting and convulsive seizures due to psychogenic shock are rare but not trivial. The piercers must recognize the signs and be able to protect the client from harm during such episodes.
All piercers must be inoculated against Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)
Prior to contact with each client, and prior to gloving, the piercer must disinfect their hands by washing with a germicidal soap, from a dispenser or from a single use package, or by using an approved germicidal towelette, such as a BZK (benzalkonium chloride) wipe.
The use of disposable gloves is mandatory for piercers. Jewelry and watches must not be worn below the elbows when gloves are worn. Fingernails should be trimmed and rounded to prevent puncture of the gloves.
Piercers wearing gloves are not permitted to leave the piercing area. If it is necessary to leave the piercing area, the piercer must remove and discard their gloves, and re-glove on their return.
Gloves must be discarded when removed.
Piercers with exposed wounds, skin reactions, and infections are not permitted to attend clients.

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