Nostril Maintenance

At the end of the two weeks, you should not have to clean your nostril piercing any more.

Nostril screws should not be placed in your nostril until it is certain that the piercing is healthy and stable. Generally, this means at least four weeks with the ring before the change. The nostril screw is the only style of jewelry that should be used to achieve a stud appearance. Ear piercing studs, nostril pins, and barbell are not appropriate for the piercing.

If the hooked end of the nostril screw doesn't stay snug and hidden up in the nostril, the end can be slightly adjusted until it fits your piercing better.

Note: During the winter weather you should protect your nostril piercing from the cold by wearing a scarf. The ring is a good heat sink and since cartilage is avascular, there is greater risk of frostbite in your nose.

Nostril piercing: 16g titanium nostril screw.

Titanium nostril screw with dome (1/2 ball). May be colored to suit individual taste.
Nostril piercing: 16g titanium domed nostril screw.

Coloured titanium 16g nostril screw.

For a detailed explanation of the healing protocols for all piercings, download our Piercing Aftercare Manual.

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