Niobium is a refractory metal (melting at 2415 degrees celcius) which is used to line rocket engines and to make jewelry.

It is a grey lustrous metal, approximating the strength of aluminum. It is easy to bend and beads must be carefully secured when rings are inserted.

The colour seen on Niobium is due to a thin layer of oxide on the surface of the metal produced by anodizing the jewelry. The colour depends on the thickness of the oxide.

Niobium rings of questionable quality exhibit flat colours due to an unpolished surface finish. When the jewelry is properly finished, the colour will be deep, with flashes and hints of other colours, dependant on the direction that light hits it. Unpolished Niobium has about the same appearance as anodized aluminum.

The anodized surface on Niobium is tough, but can be expected to wear when continually rubbed by clothing. The better the polish, the better the durability. Surface friction is reduced, and the finish lasts longer. A poor finish will accelerate the surface wear.

The Niobium jewelry produced by BlackStar is manufactured to the same high standards as our Surgical Steel rings, and is polished to a high luster. This will ensure that your rings will exhibit the living colours that the metal is noted for, and that the colour will last. We also use a special anodization process to slowly build the colouring layer in stages, producing the hardest oxide layer possible. We want you to be pleased with your jewelry. Body jewelry is our business.

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