The following list of links is presented to give you the opportunity to pursue the topics covered here through various other sources. We do not necessarily endorse the information you find there. Wherever there is disagreement between us and the authors represented in these links, it is still our opinion that the authors have presented their material in good faith and with the best of intentions! We applaud anyone who will take the time to try to improve the general level of knowledge about body piercing and tattooing.

This list is juried. The site must have something besides a hastily prepared page on 'aftercare' to recommend it. If you wish to exchange links with us, please fill out the reciprocal links form.


Our links are categorized into:

  1. Body Piercing Links
  2. Body Piercing Shops
  3. Tattooing Links
  4. Body Art Shops
  5. Public Health Links
  6. Material Safety Data Sheet Links
  7. Other interesting links
  8. Software & Hardware

If you have a site that you feel would fit one on these categories, or if you would like to see another category included, email us with your suggestions.

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Body Piercing Links

A collection of links with piercing-related information. The subject matter varies from the authors' personal experiences to the technical.

Body Piercing Shops

Pages giving information about piercing shops. These links give business-related information. To our knowledge, these shops specialize in piercing, and other services are not available.

Tattooing Links

These links, like the piercing links, are varied in nature, and are presented without qualification. Since this category is relatively new to this site, we encourage you to let us know about any sites you think we can include to improve the list.

  • Eikon Device Inc. Tattooists will recognize the name of the needle manufacturer. Far more than that, Eikon has published a series of technical reports, available on line, which every tattoo artist should be obligated to read!

Body Art Shops

Pages giving information about body art shops. These links give business-related information. To our knowledge, these shops do not specialize, and offer piercing, tattooing, and possibly other services.

Public Health Links

These links are strictly related to the public health issues surrounding piercing and tattooing. While there may be no specific mention made of body art, the issues presented here are central to the question of shop safety.

Other interesting links

These links are a mixture of sites often unrelated to our topics, but which I just HAD to include!

  • Frontenac Masonic District < > Ever wonder about Freemasonry? In Kingston the fraternity is alive and well, and is playing an active role in the community.

Software & Hardware

A list of sites for the software used to maintain these pages, and other interesting stuff we have found and support..

  • Acrobat Reader allows you to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files, like our aftercare manual. A "Must Have" for anybody serious about using the web to gather information.
  • Kingston Information Technologies < > These are the people who maintain our web site and mail server.
Reciprocal Links
These are links added in response to external links to our site.

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