Helix Maintenance

At the end of the two weeks, you should not have to clean your piercing any more. If it looks dry, moisturize your helix with a regular moisturizer. Remember not to clean, even in the shower.

Gold rings or studs should not be placed in your helix until it is certain that the piercing is healthy and stable. Generally, this means at least six to eight weeks with the ring before the change.

Note: During the winter weather you should protect your helix piercing from the cold by wearing a hat. The ring is a good heat sink and since cartilage is avascular, there is greater risk of frostbite in the ear.

Multiple ear piercings: 16g rings with 4mm black onyx.

A good illustration of Gun vs. Needle piercings. First (bottom) lobe piercing and the top three helix piercings were originally done with studs, and were problematic. A ring was placed in the lobe, and the second and third lobe piercings were done to co-ordinate with the existing lobe piercing. Tragus was done with a needle, and a 16g 1/4" captive bead ring was placed initially. The studs were replaced with 16g rings in three upper helix piercings. Note the poor alignment of the rings in the gun piercings. All rings have 4mm black onyx beads.

For a detailed explanation of the healing protocols for all piercings, download our Piercing Aftercare Manual.

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