Groupon Special for February 21.

If you missed this Groupon special, watch for us in a few months. We will be presenting another offer and will let you know when it happens.

$30 for $60 Worth of Piercings and Jewellery at BlackStar Body Piercing

Body piercings not only look great but also can double as convenient mug hooks when sipping coffee on the go. Mount portable potables with panache with today's Groupon: for $30, ou get $60 worth of piercings and body jewelry at BlackStar Body Piercing, located on Princess Street.

BlackStar Body Piercing ornaments barren areas of dermis with a wide selection of presterilized jewellery pieces. Peruse the menu of safe, sanitary services offered by the shop's experienced lobe pokers before sitting down to acquaint untouched skin with a double-jewelled bent barbell during a navel piercing ($55) or to appease olfactory senses with a sparkly nostril screw ($65). Each client's skin is numbed by an in-house polar bear before all piercing procedures.

After the procedure, friendly, knowledgeable staff answers clients' questions about piercing aftercare, metal allergies, and the puppies that will love your newfound shininess. Newly punctured patrons can also browse the store's wide selection of surgical steel and niobium jewellery or even order up custom adornments in a wide variety of shapes, from crosses and T-bars to solid gold deer antlers and four-dimensional hyper-ellipses.

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