The studio will maintain an area dedicated to washing hands. This area will include a sink with running water and dispensers for germicidal soap and paper towels. This area will be kept in a clean and orderly condition.
The studio will maintain an area dedicated to the piercing of clients, with no other activities taking place in the dedicated area. Each piercing area will have a sharps container, a covered container for contaminated waste, lined with a disposable plastic bag, and a covered container for contaminated equipment. Piercing must NEVER be performed in a reception area or a traffic area within the studio.
If the piercing area is adjacent to a working area where tattoos are being performed, the two working areas will be separated by a solid partition at least 2 meters high to prevent blood aerosol from the tattoo gun from contaminating the piercing area. Blood is atomized in the tube of a tattoo gun, and the airborne droplets will contaminate surfaces. Piercing and tattooing activities must never take place within the same space.
The floor of the working area will have a washable non-absorbent surface.
No flames or burning materials are permitted in the piercing area. Alcohol and paper towel are both combustible. Ethyl Chloride and Mueller's Coolant, if used for anaesthesia, may produce an explosive mixture with air. Combustion of Ethyl Chloride produces phosgene and chlorine gases.
A WCB approved first aid kit and a fire extinguisher will be kept on the premises
The following reference documents should be available in the studio:
  • a current copy of this protocol, and
  • a copy of the Merck Index, or copies of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) for all hazardous materials used and/or stored in the studio.
Piercers should be familiar with this protocol, and should be aware of the potential hazards of the materials they are using.

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