Earlobe Maintenance

Lobes can be ignored for the most part . If it looks dry, moisturize your ear lobe with a regular moisturizer.

These piercings can be stretched to accommodate thicker jewelry (diameters of 2" or more are possible) which should be done slowly so that you do not permanently damage the surrounding tissues.

Resist the urge to wear thin wires and heavy pendants. Jewelry migration in your ear lobe tends to slowly enlarge your piercing by slicing it toward the margin.

Lobe piercing: Niobium initial-S

Custom jewelry for lobe: Niobium initial is held in place with a threaded 5mm niobium ball. Jewelry may be colored to suit individual taste.
Lobe piercing:12g 3/8-inch captive bead ring with 4mm yellow Cats Eye bead.

Straight forward ear lobe piercing with a 12g captive bead ring. Bead is a 4mm yellow Cat's Eye.
Double lobe piercing:8g 3/8-inch captive bead ring with 4mm stainless steel bead, and 8g 5/8-inch captive bead ring with 6mm black onyx bead.

Double ear lobe piercing with a 8g captive bead rings. Bead on th larger ring is a 6mm black onyx, and several large bore beads have been threaded onto the ring. Smaller ring is closed with a 4mm stainless steel bead.
Double lobe piercing:8g stainless steel plugs with 2 o-rings each.

Double ear lobe piercing with a 8g stainless steel plugs. Plugs are held in place by slipping o-rings over the ends.

For a detailed explanation of the healing protocols for all piercings, download our Piercing Aftercare Manual.

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