Fashion Contact Lenses

Make striking changes to your eye color! These contacts are comfortable to wear, and do not alter the focus of your eyes.

  1. Ask your optometrist before wearing lenses
  2. Wearing Contact Lens
    • Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing contact lens. It is better if you use fragrance-free soap.
    • Rinse and dry your hand using a lint–free towel.
    • If you are working over a sink, close the drain.
    • Put the contact lens on the palm of your hand.
    • Check to see if the lens is torn or not clean. If it is torn, throw it and wear another lens. If it is not clean, clean it first using the solution
    • Make sure that the contact lens is not inside out. The lens is inside out if the edges flare up slightly.
    • Next, place the lens on your forefinger.
    • Using your other hand, pull the edge of your upper and lower eyelid (to reduce blinking).
    • Look up and place the contact lens on your sclera (white of the eye).
    • Look downward to reposition the lens.
    • Release your upper and lower eyelids.
    • Close your eyes for a moment.
    • Done!
    • After inserting the lens back in your eye, rinse the case.
    • If your eyes get itchy, blur or become red, remove the lenses and see your optometrist
    • If contact lens slides under your eyelid or is displaced, look in the opposite direction and nudge it with your finger on your lid towards the pupil of your eye.
  3. Removing Contact Lens
    • Wash your hands thoroughly before removing contact lens. Use fragrance-free soap.
    • Center your contact lens before removing it.
    • Pull the edge of your upper and lower eyelid (to reduce blinking).
    • Squeeze your contact lens gently.
    • Remove the contact lens.
    • Done!
  4. Storing Contact Lens
    • Put 3 or 4 drops of Contact Lens Solution into your contact lens case.
    • Put the contact lens on the palm of your hand.
    • Put 2 or 3 drops of the solution on the lens. It is recommended to gently rub soft lenses in the solution for 20 seconds to help remove germs. Don’t overdo this as you might tear the lens.
    • Place your contact lens into contact lens case
    • Always use fresh solution to store your lens.
    • Done!
    • Soaking the lens will disinfect the contact lens.
    • Store contact lens solution at room temperature.
    • Ensure that the caps of solution are closed when not in use.
    • Contact lens’ case need frequent cleaning to avoid contamination.
    • Clean every day, even for extended-wear lenses. Remove protein every two weeks.
    • Clean lenses with cleansing solution and rinse with saline solution. Do not use tap water or saliva.
    • Disinfect contact lenses with solutions recommended by lens manufacturers. Do not heat lenses that are immersed in solution in the lens case.
    • Always keep your lenses moist.
    • Lens cases are prone to germ growth. They need to be cleansed or heated every three days. The solution in the case must be replaced every day.
    • When you feel discomfort while wearing contact lenses, use saline solutions or lubricating eye drops. When you want to wear contact lenses for a long period of time without removing them, consult an eye specialist.
  5. Things you can’t do
    • Don’t put a damaged contact lens in your eye because this may damage your cornea.
    • Don’t apply makeup before inserting your contact lens.
    • Don’t add a squirt to the solution that has been used for storage or overnight cleaning.
    • Don’t use saline to disinfect your lens.
    • Don’t wear contact lens when working in harmful or irritating fumes.
    • Don’t allow soaps, cosmetics, etc. to reach with your contact lens.
    • Don’t mix lens with saliva.
    • Don’t sterilize disposable lens.
    • Don’t mix different brands of solution.
    • Don’t share your lens with other people.
    • Don’t repeatedly take your lens in and out throughout the day.
    • Don’t rinse or store contact lens in water (tap or sterile water).

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