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When will the Authorities Wake Up?

Yesterday I had an irate mother phone me for help. Her 15 year old daughter had received a tattoo from a local shop without parental consent. Today I was sent a link to a Toronto Star article by Robert Cribb outlining a number of horror stories coming out of shops in the Toronto area. A serious problem has been developing over the past 20 years, and the authorities seem to be reluctant to act.

A few years ago, in Walkerton, Ontario, an inspector was negligent, and the water supply was contaminated. The provincial government reacted by introducing sweeping, onerous, and unnecessary changes in water management across the entire province. On the other hand, the public regularly has invasive procedures performed in personal service settings, most of which are being performed by technicians with little or no training, and no concern for potential consequences, and provincial and municipal governments have systematically ignored the problems for two decades.

Featured Book - Coward's Guide to Body Piercing

The Coward's Guide to Body Piercing by Herbert I. Kavet and Martin Riskin is a humorous must have for anyone interested in body piercing. It helps you to answer your friends when they ask 'Why did you do that', and provides a light hearted overview of the cultural phenomenon. If you do not have a copy of this book, I have to ask Why Not?


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