Will that be cash or card? Changes to our card payment policies.

Blackstar was the first body art studio in Kingston to accept debit and credit card payments. We also may be the last.

According to our merchant agreements with the credit card providers, we are required to charge the same price no matter what payment method the client uses. Twenty years ago, this made sense, as the charges for acceptance of credit cards were low.

Today, the credit card companies are actively competing for your business, and are doing it on the backs of the merchants.  With the recent Competition Tribunal decision in favor of the credit card companies, we cannot pass on the increased costs to the premium card holders. This means that the prices paid in cash and the prices paid by premium card holders must be the same. Offering a discount for cash violates our contract with the provider.

This leaves us with two choices. We can either increase our prices across the board for everyone, so the premium card holders can get their premium points, or we can stop accepting credit cards (We are not allowed to make a distinction between regular and premium cards).

Effective immediately,  Blackstar will no longer accept credit cards. We continue to accept debit cards.

We take this step with regret, and apologize for any inconvenience. It just makes no sense to us that the majority of our customers should be penalized just to provide a minority with vacation discounts. When Canada brings in legislation like that in the EU and Britain to limit gouging by card companies, we will resume acceptance of the cards.

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