Vaping Gaining Popularity

Having smoked for many years, imagine my relief when I discovered a substitute that worked!

The problem with traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT's) is the inability to provide relief for the habit. Let's face it. Most smokers enjoy the act of smoking. What they do not enjoy is the price they have to pay for that pleasure with adverse effects on their health.

When I was introduced to e-cigarettes, I was skeptical. My first experience was with the mini battery models with the disposable pre-filled atomizers. I could see the potential, but you might give yourself a hernia on the draw. If you are serious about switching from cigarettes and giving e-smokes a try, do yourself a real big favour, and stay away from the so-called 'starter kits' available at convenience stores and gas bars.

Most of the really serious technology for 'vaping' is manufactured in China (of course), and the two brands to look for are Joyetech and eGo. A good friend introduced me to Joyetech, which is a battery similar in dimensions to a long cigarette (USB rechargeable) into which is screwed an atomizer cartridge ('cartomizer') which looks like a cigarette filter. The cartomizer has a heating coil in a cotton plug, and the 'e-juice' is loaded into the cotton plug. The battery powers the coil, which heats and vaporizes the e-juice. The vapor is inhaled. The process mimics the act of smoking, with all the relaxation the smoker is used to. So, why not just smoke a cigarette? This is what you don't get with e-smokes:

No Burning
There is no fire danger, and the air you breathe is not loaded with carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion. There are no combustion-related chemical reactions between the components of the e-juice.
No Particulates
Cigarette smoke contains particulates (dust) like finely divided tar particles which adhere to the inside surface of your lungs. Vapor consists of liquid droplets which merely wet the surface, and can be absorbed.
No Carcinogens
The components of e-juice are carefully controlled, and are known. The only non-food substance is nicotine, if present.
Reduced Consumption
When you light a cigarette, there is a compulsion not to waste it. You smoke the whole thing. With e-smokes, you can have a couple of puffs and put it away.
No Butts
The collection of butts found in the ash tray or littering the smoking area no longer exist. Metal recycling for the spent atomizers; plastics for the empty juice bottles.
More Friends
You no longer smell like an old fireplace flue.
No Second Hand Smoke
No Smoke, period! (No brainer!)

In the eight months I have been vaping, I sleep better, eat better, enjoy food flavours more (taste more!), breath better, cough less, and with my eGo in my pocket, I no longer have to stop what I am doing to go and have a cigarette, so I do more. Personally I call this a net benefit.

The cost?

I used to drive to the reservation to pick up a half dozen bags of cheap cigarettes. Amortizing the cost of travel over the whole purchase, the cigarettes cost about ten cents each. With all the false starts and experimentation with vaping, the cost for me has remained about the same. The most difficult thing I found about vaping was the 'blind leading the blind' problem of a lack of information available to the person wanting to make the change. Everyone who I encountered was making the same journey I was, and we learned from each other by exchanging information. Quite be chance, I found Jim Cornfield of Kingston, who had the knowledge, and who was able to clarify a number of things for me.

On his advice, I am now using, and very impressed by, the new 'clearomizer' for my eGo batteries, and I have a source of e-juice which actually tastes good! If you are thinking of making the switch, or if you have been less than impressed by your prior experiences, get in touch with Jim or Misti through their web site at Avoid the false starts. I found them to be extremely helpful. You will too, I am sure.

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