Rosies 2013

We have been going to Rosie's Rodeo and Roast in Camden East for the last 15 years, and would not miss it for the world.

This year things started earlier than usual. Set up was advanced so the opening could be on Thursday eveing rather than on Friday. There were already a number of people on site, but they were more interested in setting up their own tents than in wandering around.

Friday was hot and humid, like Thursday, but there was a strong wind to make things more comfortable.


There were severe weather warnings for the area, but the cold front didn't move in until late, and the rain was, at times, torrential.

However, the weather did little to dampen the spirits and most took it in stride. By Saturday morning the weather cleared and the sun returned.



Bikes continued to arrive and the games were well attended.

As more arrived, the party mood got off the ground, and those who decided not to attend because of the weather should regret their decision.



After the games the lines started forming for supper. Rosie's staff have always managed well feeding hundreds of ravenous visitors, and this year was no different. Good food was efficiently served and rapidly consumed.

Then the party started with load noise to aid the digeston.


This year, Blackstar brought Lily back with her awesome body painting and glitter tattoos.

A number of ladies took advantage, and that 'bikini top' wasn't what it appeared to be.

Just goes to show that body painting should not be just for the little kids.






We introduced something new this year.

Blackstar offers Photobooth services for events, and we decided to bring it to Rosies. It was well received, and we hope to get even better participation next year.

The photos are available on this website (just click on the photo to the right), as well as on our facebook page

Our thanks go to Brian and Fran for another outstanding Rosie's Rodeo, and we look forward to returning next year.





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