How much?

We have never understood how normally conscientious people can choose a piercer by looking for the cheapest price! But it happens, and the people get taken for a ride. We see the results when they come to us and ask 'Can you fix this?'. Most of these problems would have been avoided if the people concerned knew the correct questions to ask.

Piercings are priced much like automobile repairs to keep the taxes you have to pay as low as possible. Parts (jewelry) are subject to provincial sales tax, and labour (the service provided) is not. When you ask most studios how much a piercing will be, they will give you the price of the labour. When you arrive to get the work done, you discover to your dismay that there is also a cost for the jewelry, which will vary depending on which piece you choose.

Prices vary according to the level of service you can expect. In todays competitive market, nobody can overprice their service and survive. If the price is lower, you can expect corners to be cut. As piercers, we know that some of our clients are probably carrying a blood-borne pathogen. At BlackStar, we do not cut corners, and we are certain that each client is safe from anything that a previous client might have brought into the shop. Ask your piercer how they audit their chain of contamination, and how they make sure that no reservoirs of contamination remain which might put you at risk. If they give you a blank look, walk away.

Jewelry placed in a new piercing must be sterilized. This does not mean that the jewelry is in a nice little package with the manufacturers name printed on it, and it does not mean that the jewelry is sprayed with alcohol. All parts of the jewelry must be in a sterile package, just like the tools, needles etc. Many studios will have a few pieces pre-sterilized and you have to take what they can provide. Check to see if they have a full selection of pre-sterilized jewelry. Proper jewelry should always be placed in a new piercing to prevent aftercare problems.

When you ask about price, know the questions you should be asking.


I fully concur with the comments made by the Blackstar Moderator. I have experienced "cheap" piercings with horrible consequences. I have had piercings at Blackstar and while more expensive than the Bargain Basement I visited, the results were ten-fold better. For example,

Guaranteed sterility of all equipment and no chance of cross contamination

High quality sterilized jewellery

Professional piercing - resulted in minimal aftercare and quick healing of the piercing

After piercing support. I could go to the shop and have the piercing looked at if I had a perceived problem.

To summize, spend the few extra dollars. You will be happier with the end result and your body will thank you for it.


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