Groupon Promotions

On Feb 21 we ran an initial Groupon special offering $60 of value at Blackstar for $30. The response was phenomenal, and we have had a number of our clients ask when we are going to do it again. The simple answer is SOON.

If you are not following Groupon and their daily specials, we have to ask why not? The deals with local merchants in our and your area are phenomenal, and it gives you the chance to try something new at a very reasonable price. Not just for Blackstar, but see what other local merchants are offering.

If you are not yet a Groupon subscriber, click the link below and become one! You owe it to yourself and your friends.

If you are a merchant, we strongly recommend that you contact Groupon and apply to participate in their promotions.


We are running another Groupon Promotion on Wednesday July 20. Watch for it!

If you are not yet a Groupon subscriber, click on the green button above.



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