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Hey I've had my nipples pierced horizontally since Oct 25 2011 and I still think they haven't healed yet. The left one is going through a bad crusting phase. Like it will crust throughout the day, the crust is yellowish I think. It forms around the end of the hole and barbell. It pusses only when I try to clean off the crust. The right one does some crusting too but the left one is worse. Also, the left one has a small elevated bump like cyst on the left side of the piercing. It's not big, but because its a little elevated I can notice it more. My breast are not hot to touch, they don't hurt, I'm right handed if that makes a difference. I use Dove non scented soap when I shower. I rub soap on my palm and rub it around the piercing then I move the piercing side to side and rub soap on the bar, then let water run over it . This happens everytime I shower, which is daily. Throughout the day, if the crust is too much I take a wet paper towel and clean the crust off. That may happen twice a day. Any suggestions ?

Items like this should be placed in the Aftercare Forum. Had loveme asked this in the forum, the response would have been much more timely, and, indeed, the question would have been unnecessary had they read the posts there.

The nipples have not been able to heal with the over-cleaning.

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